So what is the big picture with BBI?

Imagine one place that can help answer all your questions related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Maybe you are asking yourself what is Bitcoin? Or being new to the marketplace you are looking for information and asking what is blockchain technology? Or what is Ethereum? Or what is Litecoin, there are thousands of coins and tokens in circulation and some of the use cases of these are truly staggering.

Maybe you have a bit of experience in trading and need to find more cryptocurrency exchanges that have low or zero trading fees, Today’s Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Wallets, Bitcoin Mining, the list goes on.

It is such a young market and people want to learn more, asking about blockchain courses, working in the blockchain industry, investing in ICO’s, investing in Altcoins.

Then we have the experts, they know exactly what they need and unfortunately have to spend a great deal of time looking on the web to find it, but not anymore.

We have built a directory or index for everything Blockchain & Crypto, if your business is in the industry then we want you listing on here.

It is free to list and we are striving to make BBI the one place for people to find everything they need, whether that be crypto jobs, bitcoin news, cryptocurrency wallets, smart contract providers, fintech solutions, where I can buy dogecoin, games like cryptokitties using the Ethereum platform, education in blockchain, blockchain events, coins, tokens, erc-20 tokens.

Well hopefullly you get the point, you can search our site just like you would any browser and just like any browser we will give you results that you can then choose from, the categories we have are never ending as new businesses enter this space and list with us, we update the index accordingly and create new categories that are suitable for these businesses and add as much information as we possibly can.

Try it out yourself now by typing keywords into the search box and see what results you get.

Funsho Ajibade

Co Founder & CMO

We provide a global online directory platform that enables users to search and find information on businesses, products & services relating to blockchain technology including cryptocurrencies, exchanges, events and ico’s
Our search facility is simplifying the blockchain world for everyone by giving users the ability to find businesses by name, category, keywords and ask questions in one place rather than many.
In my opinion blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are now here to stay, there are too many businesses that have implemented this technology and the benefits are so great that well established corporations have no choice but to join the revolution.

If you are a business that is in any way related to blockchain technology or cryptocurrency then this is another place you can be found online and the importance of that is huge, NEVER shut the door on an opportunity to market your business.
There are a number of products that we provide to help your business gain more exposure, you can talk to a member of our team by visiting our contact us page, they will help you take full advantage of our range of products including our popular free listing.
Our platform has been created to give people an easy way to find businesses, products, events and services with contact information so they can conduct business with one another. We are extremely happy this far with the response we have had from businesses and users in this marketplace and we look forward to what the future brings.